The CRMS V.2 Core Suite, is our flagship product. Designed to incorporate the best of our former Case Management and Elite (Crisis/Central Intake) applications into one seamlessly integrated software, with a completely new visual interface, as well as enhanced functionality, efficiency and customizability.


  • The Core Suite comes complete with the following Client Chart Information Screens to choose from (Agency History, CDS History, Charges, Consent Summary, Contact Info, DSM IV, Education, Employment, E.R. Visits, Follow Up Scheduler, Goals, Hospitalizations, Incarcerations, Medications, Other Illnesses, Prescriptions, Referrals, Risk Factors) plus Core Suite Modules and features, below.

Core Suite Modules:

  • Contacts
  • Quick Contacts
  • Contact History
  • Forms/Notes
  • Follow Up Module
  • Information & Referral
  • My Assistant Internal Messaging System
  • Non-Client Services
  • Report Suite with 400+ reports
  • Reportable Forms - electronic forms (e-forms) integration
  • Reportable Form Data Exporter
  • Schedule Viewer
  • Worker Control Centre
  • Workflow Management


  • Workflow Manager
  • Task-Pane
  • Case Notes Search Feature
  • Tabbed browsing capability
  • Error-Proof CDS Collection
  • Complete Workload Measurement
  • Digital Documentation (ability to scan/attach documents)
  • Contacts
  • Quick Contact Feature
  • Enhanced User Groups
  • Improved Security Features
  • Increased Customization Options
  • Group Reportable Forms
  • Enhanced Search Features

Case Notes Feature: Now searching through your case notes is easier and more efficient than ever with the ability to search for a particular note.

Tabbed Browsing: The ability to open multiple clients, assessments, and modules all within one application. Several modules can be opened at once, allowing for a clean, customizable work environment.

Forms Module: This newly designed module allows for specific form or note look up. For example, users can simply enter “ocan” and the Forms Module will automatically filter and return a display of only OCAN assessments.

Workflow Management System: Ability to set reminders for assessment/forms due, recurring contacts, missing data and more.

Data Feed System: For scheduling autorun of CDS Submission Reports with My Assistant messaging to notify when complete.

Worker Control Centre: This is where users can centralize their work, utilizing one module to accomplish all daily data input tasks. This allows for creation of contacts (individual or group), creation of notes and review of statistics (Direct, Indirect, Non-Client Services, Information & Referral) in a simple and effecient manner. Managers and Administrators can use this to review a users data entry.

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