Do we still have to maintain paper files on each client?

This is optional. Printed documents from internal or external sources can be scanned and attached to a clients file, thus eliminating all paper records. This is an administrative decision that has to be made from within your organization and is not a limitation of the software.

Can the CRMS Application be supported remotely?

Yes, with your permission, our support staff can administer the application remotely. The support staff is able to routinely check on the database structures to validate their integrity as well as resolve any potential issues your organization may encounter. We will also be able to provide your organization with the latest software updates, keeping your application and data current. Our remote administration technology is performed through secure connections with your server.

Can we transfer clients between organizations?

CRMS was designed so that a clients' file (contact information, history, client notes) can be electronically transferred (by an authorized administrator) to another agency. This feature allows a clients history to grow as they move between cities, allowing for a better assistance from the caseworkers.

Can we access the system remotely?

Absolutely. CRMS can be accessed from remote sites via a secure Internet connection. Many of our customers have multiple satellite offices. This also enables clinicians to work from home, or other remote locations.

Is there are a stand-alone version available?

Yes, we have a fully operable version of the software, but it has the restriction that it can only be operated on a single PC. The stand-alone version will use the same computer for both its' server and workstation components.

Can CRMS be modified if it doesn't do a couple of things I need?

CRMS is very user definable from the on-set and can be modified by answering some questions when the software is installed. It also allows you to re-arrange its screens to match the forms that your users are used to, (or we can do this for you). Any enhancements that would be for the good of all users or changes necessary to meet changing Ministry requirements are included with the support option which is free for the first year. CRMS comes with over 600 pre-defined reports, by changing some of report parameters this number can exceed 1000.

Is there a French version available?

Yes. The software can be toggled between English and French on the fly, on a per user basis. Training, manuals and support are available in English and French.

What extras are included If we buy CRMS?

As mentioned before, the purchase price of CRMS includes all software, setup and training for your staff, customization of some reports; and free support and upgrades for the first year.

How much does CRMS cost?

The cost of CRMS is scalable based on the number of users required and includes all hardware software, training and setup. Exact prices are quoted in writing on an individual basis.

How long does it take to get CRMS up and running?

Typically, four weeks is required from the time an order is placed to the time you go live. This includes training and server setup. Single user installs can take place within a couple of weeks.

What is the maximum number of users CRMS supports?

Theoretically it is unlimited and is largely dependent on the speed of the hardware. Our largest customer has over 200 users, but a few thousand users would not be unrealistic. Remote users via high-speed or dial-up connections are also supported.

What is the Learning Curve?

Because CRMS works the way you do, the learning curve is quick. Generally, 2-3 hours of training is adequate for users to be up and running with no further training necessary. On-line help complete with medical, English and French dictionaries are also included, and support is just a toll-free call away.

Software Licensing - Do I own or 'rent' the software?

When you purchase CRMS, you actually own a license to use it for as long as you wish with no recurring monthly or yearly charges. The license never expires. Unlimited technical support and software updates are included in the purchase price for the first year, and is optionally available for subsequent years for a modest fee. With some systems you never own it, and you never stop paying for it. Our system works the same as if you purchased software off the shelf.

Software Leasing?

Depending on your agencies preference we can offer competitive leasing of our suite of applications (including hosting).

Can CRMS host our server and data?

Absolutely, depending on your agencies preference we can host your data using proven secure data centres across Canada. We can even provide your agency with your own application server. In both cases the CRMS suite of applications can be accessed using most popular web browsers.

Web Enabled - What does it mean and can I access CRMS through a Web Browser?

Web-enabled applications are applications that can be accessed with a web browser or via http or https. Using proven delivery methods CRMS suite of applications can be web enabled, allowing you to access them through a web browser, eliminating the need to install software on your workstation.

Please call us at 1.800.617.2767 x 222 or send us an email if you have any more questions.

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